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Solution to In Their Prime

Did you have a go at my In their Prime puzzle in Puzzlebomb yet? How about the other puzzles?

If your answer to these questions is “No”, then please turn to  page 13091204281 of the internet to have a go at the July Puzzlebomb.

If the answer is “Yes”, you can check the July solutions, including the numeric solution to In their Prime. But how did you find the solution? You may have successfully used trial and error, but that’s not usually very enlightening; you may have programmed a computer to do the dirty work for you (the puzzle was hand designed, but I did check the answer was unique with a bit of code). As a responsible puzzle-setter, I came up with the following possible proof of the solution. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who had a different method.

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In Their Prime in Puzzlebomb

I’ve contributed a one-off family tree puzzle called “In Their Prime” to the July issue of the excellent monthly puzzle publication Puzzlebomb. It’s about an extended family who die when they reach a semiprime (composite of two primes) age determined by their parents’ ‘prime number’ genes. My aim was to design a puzzle with a “How do I get started?” flavour which probably would be lost if there was a sequel without a sufficiently interesting twist.

If you haven’t already read them, there are two posts on the Aperiodical by Paul Taylor explaining the computer creation of and maths behind two puzzles that have also featured in Puzzlebomb:

  • The extremely unique fractalphile “Hilbert’s Space-Filling Crossword” (only one non-trivial such puzzle exists).
  • The more abundant “Spelling Bees” which have appeared several times in past issues (May, June and the aforementioned July issue), involve finding Hamiltonian paths that spell out a pair of words or phrases.

Also in the May issue, I especially liked “Word Split” a pentomino-based colouring word search (but I cheated by not breaking out the crayons). All issues can be found on the Puzzlebomb section of the Aperiodical.

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