A blog about mathematical exposition, news, puzzles, games, Banach spaces, and other miscellanea, by a former PhD student and PostDoc researcher in Banach spaces and Banach algebras.

I set out to be somewhat original (who doesn’t?), and try to link, rather than recreate other sites’ material. Now updated about once a month or so; the twitter feed to the right is a more regular helping of links.

At first I intended to be better about separating out content that’s better suited for people with some mathematical knowledge from posts that don’t. So to me, the category Accessible means that you should be able to at least start reading with very little formal training in mathematics, but don’t feel bad about skim-reading or skipping over later bits of these posts.

And if you don’t understand anything, or I’ve got something wrong, please comment! Or if you know of any sites that have better explanations,

My top posts are:


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